Welcome to the Ottawa Remote Control Club

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Ottawa Remote Control Club Petersen's Sod Farm 

This is the field which the ORCC operates for glider and electric aircraft. The Petersen family is kind enough to allow us to use their sod farm for our flight activities. In that light please ensure that you do not damage the grass, do not leave any trash or marks behind, and do not interfere in any way with the Peterson's staff doing their jobs.

We are occasionaly moved to a different portion of the farm depending on spraying and harvest activities, please check the notices page for information on the current field.

OttawaGliderGuiders at https://groups.google.com/group/ottawagliderguiders


Please see the directions page to the field under the ORCC fields tab 

Field Specific Regulations

  • The use of internal combustion engines is prohibited.
  • All launching devices shall be in the same general area (one flight line).
  • Winches are to be laid out with a minimum spacing of 5 metres.
  • Stakes used to secure field equipment must be made highly visible with either a brightly coloured ribbon, a large brightly coloured washer or be painted with fluorescent paint.
  • The pits shall not be directly behind the launching or landing point at any time.
  • Sailplanes shall not be "parked" upwind of, or within 7 metres of the launching devices at any time.
  • Sailplanes shall not be "parked" within 10 metres of the designated landing zone at any time.
  • The landing point shall be at least 10 metres from the launching area.
  • There shall be no low over-flying the launch area or pits (30 metres).-
  • Vehicles are to be parked a safe distance (minimum of 30 metres) from all field activities and not directly behind the designated landing area.
  • Vehicles shall never be driven on or parked on the grass at any time.
  • Always allow the workers on the field to do their job without interference.
  • Never walk on a newly seeded area of the sod farm. Ensure that no gliders/aircraft land on a newly seeded area.
  • After each flying session, check the field to ensure that it is cleaner than when you arrived.