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Joining Ottawa Remote Control Club

Apply for Membership

Joining and membership renewal is very simple and easy to do, provided you don't wait until the day you want to fly! Even then we can sometimes accommodate, but please spare a thought for the unpaid volunteers who run and organize the club, and try to register in good time! 

Registration can be performed in person, or by mail, but in both cases one needs to contact Dieter, the club membership coordinator. Contact Dieter at one of the club meetings held on the first Tuesday of the each month, fall thru spring at the McNabb Community Centre near Gladstone and Bronson, or send him an e-mail at join .

If you wish to fly model planes there is a condition of membership that is common to just about every RC club in Canada: one has to be a member of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). Usually the reason offered to newcomers for this condition is that one has to have insurance coverage to fly, and this is the cheapest and best way of gaining that insurance. However, the longer you are part of the hobby (and be warned, it usually becomes a lifetime love affair!) the more you will grow to appreciate the benefits that MAAC bestows and its contribution to the hobby. MAAC has been in existence now for just over 50 years! You can learn more about the organization at the MAAC web site http://www.maac.ca/home.php.

You must pay for MAAC insurance yourselsf, and furnish evidence that you have that coverage to the membership chairman. This may seem like a lot to have to pay, but it includes the club and MAAC magazines delivered to your door, plus the benefits of free flying instruction and tips in all aspects of the hobby. Attendance at club meetings is also free, and you can fly as often as you wish at any of the club flying fields and ponds. In addition to the club monthly meeting there are various special interest groups that hold and organize their own smaller meetings on a regular basis (eg. gliders, electric flight, giant scale etc.).

To keep the club running smoothly and safely there has to be some rules. We try to keep these to a minimum, as the object of the club is fun and recreation. However, these rules are necessary and born of many years of collective experience. The best time to become familiar with them is when you join, but don't worry too greatly about whether you will be able to remember them. They will become second nature after you have learned to fly.

New Member Instructions

New member form in .PDF format

New member form in .DOC format

  1. Read the ORCC Rules and Regulations on the ORCC web site at the following link: ORCC Club Rules
  2. Select the age and duration of the membership you require.
    1. Junior members must be under 18 as of January 1st
    2. Seniors members must be 60 or over as of January 1st
    3. A family membership consists of 1 open membership, 1 spouse or equivalent and junior memberships. MAAC membership is required for all flying members.
  3. Complete your personal information in the membership form.
  4. Check the appropriate boxes in the interest section of the form.
  5. Out of Province Members: Consult the MAAC web site for the correct HST/PST/GST amount.
  6. Optional: If you wish to donate to MAAC funds, indicate the fund and amount in the appropriate boxes.
  7. Sign and date the membership application.
  8. Prepare a cheque for the total amount required. Make the check payable to "Ottawa Remote Control Club". Please do not post-date your cheque.
  9. Return your application to the membership chairman. You may submit your application by mail using the pre-printed envelope or in person at the regular club meetings.

Your Membership Form can be mailed to:

Please replace shipping address at bottom of membership page with:

ORCC Membership


45 Benlark Rd.

Ottawa ON, K2J 2L5

If you have any questions regarding joining or renewing your membership.

Please contact Dieter contact: 613-879-9301 or Membership@ottawarcclub.ca